Unlocking Your Creative Genius with Erin Granat

Pssst!! Taking time to play helps you be more creative!

Pssst!! Taking time to play helps you be more creative!

This episode is all about creativity; how to get it flowing when you feel stuck, how you can organize all your ridiculously fabulous ideas, and how time management needs to be your ride or die even if it doesn’t seem sexy. Our guest today is L.A. based writer and filmmaker, Erin Granat. She shares her secret sauce for how to get in the groove with creating (even when you don't feel like it!), how to fall in the love with the process by busting out your Get To Do list, and gives us a sneak peak into her upcoming feature film, Moon Manor. Have you ever stared at a blank page/screen, frozen, sure that nothing interesting gonna come out? Maybe that's just me. If it's you too tune and take notes!

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  • The importance of giving yourself buffer time between more analytical tasks and creativity mode

  • Why having a love/hate relationship with writing is totally normal

  • The distinction between discipline and being a disciple of what your called to do

  • The Gift Bag and Paradise Island techniques

  • The budding romance of Erin’s cat Lady Fluff

  • A Badass Ballsy Babe of Yore segment

  • Erin’s fave time management tips and resources


Tim Ferriss’ Blog and The Four Hour Work Week

How to be an Adult by David Richo

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi



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