Stop Shoulding on Yourself with Machete Bang Bang

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Do you spend too much time in the past or linger a little too long in the future? Girl, you're missing out on all the rad shit that is going on in the moment! Our guest today encourages you to be present for yourself and all the fucking awesomeness you have to offer the world. Machete Bang Bang is an L.A. based filmmaker, actress, photographer and dancer who lives her life connected to her intuition. We discuss how our "shoulds" almost always come with an unhealthy does of guilt, how we can break that cycle, and why your ability to pivot is more than just a killer dance move. And BONUS, we also have a candid discussion on turning crappy life events and bad decisions into an opportunity to create our most amazing life.

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  • How Machete went from a DUI to DIYing a kickass career

  • The importance of how we talk to ourselves

  • How our “shoulds” lead us away from our instincts

  • Listening to your gut, even if it’s not the polite thing to do

  • Our ballsiest selves as relative, sometimes you need to celebrate that you got out of bed

  • How a Die Antwoordesque haircut led to her name

  • Shout out to the word pivot

  • What alternate universe Machete is doing (SPOILER ALERT - Crazy bitch be voting 3rd party- ha!)

  • The latest on her upcoming feature Moon Manor with her filmmaking partner and bestie Erin Granat


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A lot of emails and The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castanada

Little Machete contemplating her own fucking awesomeness

Little Machete contemplating her own fucking awesomeness