Breaking Yoga Stereotypes with Kady Lafferty of Big Booty Yoga

Kady Lafferty is the Visionary and Vibe Setter behind Big Booty Yoga, a body positive yoga movement. She makes the ancient teachings of yoga more accessible for everyBODY. Kady puts a modern & light-hearted twist on yogic philosophy to make it applicable and relatable to the modern-day yogi. Her classes have an upbeat flow with a hearty side of humor and self-love. We discuss how BBY got started, the relationship between yoga and self love, and an alternate universe Kady for the ages. Think yoga isn't for you? Tune in and let us nudge you to reconsider ;)

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  • Shout out to Kady’s friend Claire for getting the BBY train rolling

  • The origins of yoga and how it was 1st marketed in the west

  • The link between yoga and self love

  • Making yoga accessible for everyone.

  • The future of BBY and how you can connect with Kady

  • Alternate universe Kady as this main (and badass!) character in Siddhartha


Instagram @big_booty_yoga

In August 2019 at Wanderlust Denver

At one of her upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings