The Secret to a Fabulous Life


So often the most simple advice is the best! Don’t be cunty darling :)

Oxford English Dictionary definition -

Cunty - Adjective Very unpleasant, disagreeable, or annoying.

Urban Dictionary definition- adj. used to describe a persons mood especially when they are acting like a bitch on the rag. OK, there’s a lot to unpack with THAT definition but I think it paints a pretty clear picture

Lady Balls Definition - a person’s attitude and contribution to social interactions when they’ve been overfeeding their nasty bitch monster. The ability to seek out the negative in any situation no matter how many puppies, unicorns and buckets of glitter may be involved.

For the back story on how this gem of a mantra was passed on to me feel free to check out this interview with one of my spiritual mentors Scott Schenk - Igniting the Divine Feminine

Be VERY sparing with your cuntyness!…there are times when I feel it’s warranted. When truly need to stand up for yourself, the people you love and causes you care about but be careful it’s not your default! Plus if your only cunty occasionally it keeps people guessing ;)

How to know if chronic cuntyness might apply to you - Some signs - Nothing goes “right” in your life. Ever. You feel like you’re surrounded by the most awful, mean, selfish people who , if they could only get it together, your life would be soooo much better. You feel like everyone else is an idiot. Your view is that the world is a flaming shit basket hurdling toward an infinitely huge cosmic dumpster fire.

Restaurants never get your order right. All other drivers are either speed demon maniacs or need to pick it up and get out of your way. You need to speak to the manager…a lot.

Gonna wrap with some of my favorite benefits of not being cunty. Way more happy happy is in your life, flowers smell better, people dig your vibe, you belly laugh more, you see the good in more situations, the sky seems more blue, you get closer to a flow state, birds sing more beautifully, when you’re around, shitty things seem to magically happen way less and your chances of winning the lottery go up. OK, maybe not the last one, go make your own luck baby cakes. And…

Until tomorrow, Don’t Be Cunty Darling! XOXO