Fail Like a Champion



We’ve all heard the quote … what would you do in life if you knew you couldn’t fail? Well a LOT of things I’m sure. Start that business, climb that mountain, audition for that part…buuuuut if it was THAT easy everyone would do it, yes? And everyone would be wildly successful and happy and fulfilled and riding on a rainbow on a unicorn. But they’re not.

Wakey wakey friends! The willingness to fail is one of the things successful people embrace in order to achieve that success.

Let’s look at it from the perspective of a person crushing it on THEIR terms.

They know that failure is something you do not WHO you are

When successful people fail, they see it as a momentary experience, not a permanent situation. It’s something that they learn from and get BETTER from.

If you’re willing to learn from mistakes, continue to take action, be open to more mistakes, rinse and repeat you gain EXPERIENCE which leads to confidence which leads to the willingness to put your gorgeous little lady nuts on the line even more often.

More failure = a more fabtastical life

What would your life look like if you welcomed at least one fuck up daily? I don’t mean from being careless or ignorant but from attempting something you’re not sure you can do but give it a WHY THE HELL NOT and go for it anyway?

If you’re not failing you’re not GROWING! And if you’re not growing life is D U L L

If you’re experiencing nothing but success after fabulous success sprinkled with badass achievements ROCK ON SISTER!! You’ve made it! JUST KIDDING.

You my dear are not challenging yourself enough. Take it to the next level and welcome some more fuck ups

And in case you ever fall into the trap of getting all jelly when you see what someone else has achieved remind your self that they have been through some SHIT in order to get where they are. You just don’t see that on the surface.

Now who’s ready to fail like a champion!?