Manifesting Like a MOFO with Amie Barsky

Editor’s Note - I’m currently vibing a pair of jeans as perfect as this.

Editor’s Note - I’m currently vibing a pair of jeans as perfect as this.

Ever feel like you're missing something when it comes to manifesting your dream life? This episode is especially for you gorgeous! Today we're joined by Integrative Wellness and Empowerment Coach, Amie Barsky. Envisioning our most kickass life will likely fall flat if we're not prepared for the opportunities that will lead us there. We discuss; real life examples of manifestation in action, preparation and perspective as your ride or dies on the journey to your dream life, and an epic story of perseverance in the face of a potential disaster at Amie's Junior High talent show. Tune in and get ready to fill your life with the raddest of experiences!

Anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, panic attacks, snapping at loved ones, low sex drive, or depression… These are just a few of the symptoms Integrative Wellness & Empowerment coach, Amie Barsky, helps her clients eliminate in 30 to 60 days.  typically lose 5 lbs in 5 days, finally sleep through the night, spring out of bed in the morning, and drop a pant size or three. All without crash dieting, hours of exercising, or going through therapy. And she does this using her head, heart, and body process where she aligns mind/body/heart healing, done for you diet, and simple body movement that anyone can do no matter what their age.

She loves to watch her clients limiting beliefs melt away, see them blossom as their confidence is fully restored, and living their lives in a healthy balanced way with ease.

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  • What you can expect from Amie’s coaching and offerings

  • Taking manifesting beyond he vision board

  • Turning obstacles into opportunity

  • How to be prepared for all the awesome shit you’re praying for

  • Why FEAR does not have to stand for Fuck Everything and Run

  • The massive growth opportunities in brealdowns

  • Praying with purpose

  • Holistic approaches to achieve any goal

  • An epic Ballsy Babe of Yore


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