Perspective Shift Your Way to a Joyful Life with Kelley Anderson

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Ready to manifest more joy in your life? Gimme a 'hell yeah!' In this episode we're joined by Kelley Anderson, an LA based artist who has been working with plants and natural materials since childhood. Drawing on her meditative practice and the woods of her native Connecticut, her work is intended to inspire and connect people back to nature. Kelley's also the Founder of The Goddess Guild, a monthly meet up where she leads a small group of women through spiritual healing with the power of journaling, mindfulness, gratitude, and connection. We discuss how small perspective shifts lead to major changes, why you need IRL connections, how to live a more joyful life and how the life you end up loving the most might not be the one you expected.


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  • What led Kelley to create Art Botanica

  • Moss as her medium and how it's beautiful AND brings fantastic energy to a space

  • Why everything in life is on the job training

  • How being consistent with small perspective shifts will transform your life

  • Embracing non-perfection

  • How you can get involved with The Goddess Guild


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