Self Care During Chaos with Elizabeth Villa

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How do you take best care of yourself in the middle of a shit storm in your personal life? Help is on the way! In today's episode we sit down with Elizabeth Villa, an entrepreneur who lives and works in Los Angeles. She recently started the wellness platform Do The Good Stuff, changed her marital status, and started a new life on her own. Her experiences and conversations have made her an advocate for pursuing health and wellness on your own terms as one way to claim your space in the world. We discuss why self care is not one size fits all, a simple trick to ground yourself in the middle of a spiral, how to get yourself back in the drivers seat of your life after personal upheaval and how to navigate our professional lives in the midst of not so chill things happening in our private. Need a little Self Care Sunday on the daily? Tune in!

This episode features a Savoir Woman from the Collab event series highlighting #womenwhoknow. Savoir Collab is an event stage where women and their businesses are showcased to inspire others. Go to to learn more.


  • What led to the creation DTGS

  • How to listen to the memos your body is trying to send you to truly care for yourself

  • SPOILER ALERT - You actually can't do it all

  • A simple and beautiful hack to get grounded when you feel lost and unsure

  • The very first Ballsy Babe of Yore segment and Elizabeth's message to her middle school self

  • Why potatoes rock and the importance of Spud Sisters

  • How DTGS can help you cut through the oodles of wellness advice out there and guide you to what's best for YOU.


Her article The Advice My Body Gave Me After My Divorce

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence by Ronan Farrow


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