Consume. Everything: Disco Dining Club with Courtney Nichols

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What would the ultimate dinner party be like? Courtney Nichols and her crew get closer and closer with every single Disco Dining Club experience. A safe space to let go, get grimy, immerse yourself in another reality and of course - Consume. Everything. Find out the inspiration behind DDC, what to expect at an event and how it just may be the most decadent and perspective-shifting personal development you'll ever have. Let's face it, it's a bit of a shit storm right now - all the more reason to indulge in excessive fabulousness in a setting that welcomes everyone.

Courtney Nichols is a talented tower of nightlife, dance music, and kitsch knowledge with a penchant for oddball activities, stiff drinks, vintage fashion, outspoken people, and dancing all night. The former V.P. of MOX TV, columnist for Out Magazine, and founder of FruitFlyLife, Courtney continues to explore the ever-changing world of the underground with Disco Dining Club.


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  • How DDC takes the warehouse scene out of the underground and into the dining room

  • What led Courtney to create DDC

  • Random surprises you may find in your bag the morning after

  • Why you need to treat yourself to a night of debauchery every once and awhile (or more)

  • A peak into Courtney's roaming historical thematic dinner series, Place Setting

  • DDC as a safe space to be yourself, especially for solo women and LGBTQ+ (why it's the perfect alternative to date night supper clubs)

  • What alternate universe Courtney is up to


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