Like Totally the Best Tips for Writing Your Bio


Like Totally is the brainchild of viral comedy duo Haely White and Megan Dizon. As sought after copywriters and content creators specializing in beauty, fashion, retail and entertainment, they've worked with clients including TOMS, Revolve, Axe, Mattel, T-Mobile, Sony, Beats by Dre and more. To top it off, their 2017 award-winning digital series, DATED, was hailed as “better than TV.”

Inspired by the comedies of the 90's, Like Totally is bringing back what everyone is craving right now: relatable, feel good stories that any audience can enjoy.


  • 4 common pitfalls to avoid when writing your bio

  • The top 3 questions people miss when writing their about me

  • How to write conversationally and professionally

  • Biggest mistake people make when writing their brand bio

  • How to not put people to sleep with your story

  • Dated the Series and how Haely and Coni are both connected (shut up!!) to Kim Mahair, author of The Breakup Cookbook

  • Value Proposition Statement Formula via Hilary Hartling:

    I’m a (WHAT YOU DO), for (WHO YOU DO IT FOR) and I work with (WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CLIENT) who are struggling with (THEIR BIGGEST STRUGGLE) and instead help them (ATTAIN THEIR BIGGEST GOAL).



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