Coffee for the Curious with Shreebs Founder Casey Goch

Photo by David Benhaim  @readygopictures

Photo by David Benhaim @readygopictures

What happens when someone who never drank coffee creates a coffee pop up? Magic. Today we're talking to Casey Goch, founder of Shreebs Coffee. More than just delicious and lovingly sourced beans, Shreebs is home to a vibrant community, online and off. We discuss how Shreebs evolved from a backyard adult lemonade stand to putting down roots in Silverlake, how to make little shifts toward a life and career you love, and how to build a solid foundation for your brand and business so it can grow organically. Got a crazy cool idea rolling around in your head about a business you want to create? Tune in and let Casey inspire you to take those next steps!

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  • How Shreebs maintains it's community culture as it evolves

  • The story behind the name

  • Staying open to shifts in your business plan

  • How to take the first steps ways from a blood sucking job and create a life you love

  • The importance of celebrating how far you've come, especially in the WTH? moments

  • The low down on Shreebs new location coming this summer!


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