Ideal Woman with Allie Pohl

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Who is the ideal woman? YOU are gorgeous! Our guest today is artist Allie Pohl, the creator of the Ideal Woman avatar. Questioning the notion of perfection, Allie created the “Ideal Woman” by digitally enhancing Barbie to fit Western society’s ideal female measurements of 36-24-36. This avatar symbolizes anti-perfection and is repeated throughout her work in sculpture, video, ceramic, installation and jewelry line. Tune in as we discuss the inspiration behind Ideal Woman, how it's a playful reminder that each one of us is the ideal, how social media fits into this discussion, and how you can get your very own ideal woman piece, vajazzling optional ;)

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  • What led Allie to create the Ideal Woman symbol

  • A brief history behind excessive hair removal (Bonus! :) )

  • Art as conversation

  • A discussion on conforming to beauty norms; is it a choice or a demand?

  • Social media and the over documentation of culture and everyday life

  • The Hot Seat series

  • A look at the jewelry line

  • SuffraGets -  How to get a high end Ideal Woman jewelry piece for a low end price every #wecandoitwed


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Instagram @alliepohl

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