Redefining Activism with Nicole a'Beckett

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Photo by SameSide

What are some of the things that come to mind when you think of political activism? Fun? Dance Party? Easy to do? Cocktails? OK, maybe not but our guest today is in the process of redefining how it's done! Our guest today is SameSide co-founder Nicole aBeckett. Sameside makes it easy to get involved by offering fun experiences to join like minded new friends for political and social actions on the issues that matter the most. We discuss Nicole's mission, women's empowerment campaigns she's promoting, the Bitches Get Shit Done movement and how YOU can get involved as a participant or organizer. Tune in and put the PARTY back into politics!!

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  • What led Nicole to found Sameside

  • Their mission to make political activism accessible and FUN

  • Let's Get the Money Honey and other campaigns to empower women

  • The Bitches Get Shit Done mantra (you know it's true!)

  • Challenges Nicole has faced as a woman in her career

  • How you can get the gift of 20% off any SameSide experience! (Just use code LADYBALLS at checkout- THANK YOU Nicole!!)

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