Free Your Fears with Naomi Zelin

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Free your fears girl! Easy to say, not always so easy to do ;) The good news is that most of what scares us is not real and our guest today shows us how to let go of what's been holding us back, how to have fun while we're doing it (did someone say DANCE PARTY?!), and how to love ourselves unconditionally. Naomi Zelin is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher, Reiki healer and all around bad ass babe. She received a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and has traveled the world, allowing her to integrate her Western Studies with Eastern Philosophy. Tune in to get in the flow!

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  • How a major sports injury led Naomi to healing and helping others heal

  • Finding love and self acceptance after low self esteem and poor body image

  • Epiphanies in Vipassana and how Free Your Fears came to be

  • The difference between fear and danger

  • Bringing dark side to the surface and why that's a good thing

  • All the deets on Naomi's fantastical and transformational retreats

  • Healing through dance parties (because DANCE PARTY!! :) :) )


On instagram @freeyourfearss

On the web at Naomi Zelin Yoga Lifestyle

Take her live classes in L.A. at HYPERSLOW


The Undiscovered Self by Carl Jung

Synchronicity by Carl Jung and R. Hull

Naomi's Spotify Playlists (feeling mellow? Maybe a booty shaking session? Dance the anger out? She's got you covered!)