Introducing WILD WMN with Elizabeth Flynn


Ladies! Are you ready to connect to your wild side?! Elizabeth Flynn is a Los Angeles based artist, yoga teacher, mindfulness coach, ritual writer, relational leader and mama to baby Earth. In today's episode we discuss how to tap into your intuition like a boss and the upcoming launch of her company WILD WMN: a destination for women to inspire and be inspired, a safe space for women to unite in their unbridled realness, to unleash their creative fire and to gather to explore the depths of their wisdom. Tune in to connect with your inner wild child you ballsy babe you! xx

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  • How preparing for the birth of her daughter while facing the loss of her father led her to create this platform

  • The transformational power of being supported by a tribe of women

  • Ways to get into your body to connect with your deepest intuition

  • Consciously choosing self love and to elevate our self worth

  • Connecting deeply with nature to improve your relationships in the "real" world

  • All the deets regarding the Wild Wmn launch on April 22

  • Asking yourself What Does Wild Mean to You?