Badass Witch: A Conversation with Hanna Bier

Photo by @linaskukauske

Photo by @linaskukauske

What does the life of a modern Priestess look like? Find out in today's episode! We're joined by Hanna Bier; Priestess of the Divine Feminine, Soulful Success Coach, and host of Mystics on a Mission Podcast. We discuss the unlimited power of goddess energy, why we should embrace the word Witch, the 13 flavors of the Divine Feminine, how to clear energy when we feel stuck and the most dreamy vegan cookies ever. Bring your resting witch face and tune in!

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  • What led Hanna to discover her Priestess lineage

  • The infinite power of Goddess energy and how it's more than a buzz word

  • Hanna's Confidence Coaching course

  • How to clear stuck energy

  • The inherent power of nature

  • How to perfect your Resting Witch Face

  • The 13 flavors of the Divine Feminine

  • Your angels as your Board of Directors

  • Cookies that smell like a big warm hug (pssssst!!! Link to recipe is at the bottom of the page)

There are no books to use as a guideline to becoming a Priestess or a Witch but to give you a taste Hanna's recommendations from the show are:

The Mists of Avalon

Gaia Codex


Get Hanna's free meditation HERE

And last but not least the COOKIE RECIPE :) :) :) Get it HERE