Grateful Daily with Michelle McCormick

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Gratitude every damn day! In this episode Grateful Daily's founder, Michelle McCormick talks about weaving the practice into your daily life. Grateful Daily has the most dreamy scented, hand poured candles AND a cause. Consciously being grateful for all the awesomeness that shows up in your life on the daily and sharing how much you appreciate others is a vibe changer. Want even more to be grateful for? Tune in and get simple tips to walk the talk the next time you're tempted to just slap on a #gratitude ;)

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  • The mission behind Grateful Daily

  • How practicing gratitude brings more abundance into your life

  • A simple practice you can do with others to up level your relationships

  • All the awesomeness that goes into the fab candles (Don't forget to use the code LADYBALLS to get 10% off!)

  • Why you need to be SPECIFIC about what you're thankful for

  • The infinite power of a Gratitude Time Out

  • The benefits of being invisible versus mind reading

  • A great example of why this show has a parental advisory


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