#womenwhoknow A Conversation with Tamalin Srisook of Savoir Collab

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Calling all entrepreneurs, creatives, wellness pros, and every other ballsy babe setting out to make a difference in the world! You are NOT alone. Today's episode features Tamalin Srisook, founder of Savoir Agency and Savoir Collab. Tamalin is an expert in connecting people and fostering collaborations between fabulously talented women. We discuss her story, how to turn inspiration into action, how to find your tribe and tons of new school networking tips. Take a listen and find out the story behind her fantastic mens club for women and learn how we can all vibe higher together.

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  • The story leading up to the creation of Savoir

  • How being a single parent is great prep for being a successful entrepeneur

  • Why you need to jump before you feel ready to have a fabulous life

  • The low down on Speed Mentoring

  • Tamalin comes clean about her fave drink

  • Choosing a career that aligns with your values

  • How to network like a pro

  • Why you need to be playing hooky more often

  • The future of Savoir Collab and the skinny on super crazy cool upcoming events



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