A Peek into The Breakup Cookbook with Kim Mahair

Photo by Jonny Cruz

Photo by Jonny Cruz

A little self care, a lot of humor and tons of fabulous recipes do wonders for a recently broken heart. In this episode I had a blast chatting with Los Angeles based photographer and food stylist Kim Mahair about her upcoming project, The Breakup Cookbook. We also discuss: the power of intuitive eating, why one size fits all diets suck, the pitfalls of polarizing food as "good" and "bad", and the challenge of saying nut cheese with a straight face. Recently mourning the end of a relationship is NOT a prerequisite to get the most out of today'a show so if you've ever had a passing interest in anything even remotely to do with food take a listen!

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  • What led Kim to a career as a food photographer

  • The inspiration behind the cookbook

  • Why it's so not chill to be heartbroken and shitting your pants

  • Cooking and loving food as self care

  • Listening to how you feel after eating as opposed to following a diet

  • Freeing the nipple

  • Tips on transitioning to vegan if that's your jam

  • Nut cheese, nut cheese and more nut cheese

  • Shout out to Anya Fernald and Belcampo Meat



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A recipe from the book! Olive Without You Bread

If you're feeling inspired to create your own recipes check out The Flavor Bible

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