Out Creating Imposter Syndrome with Rebecca Holopter

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Ever feel like a fraud in spite of it looking to the rest of the world that you're crushing life? Have we got some tips for you today sister! In this episode we're joined by successful artist, actress, writer and producer, Rebecca Holopter who graciously and openly shares her experience of feeling like a hack - even though that is so not true. We discuss her daily commitment to creating art and how it helps keep her accountable, where she finds her inspiration, the vulnerable side of creativity, how to kick imposter syndrome's ass, the confidence gaps between men and women in general, and swimming in olive oil. Tune in!

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  • How Becca's daily art challenge started

  • Where she finds her inspiration

  • A candid conversation on what it feels like to have Imposter's Syndrome (and ways to ditch it)

  • Soiled Doves update!

  • What teaching art has taught her about the creative process

  • Ways to silence that annoying inner mean girl voice

  • How failing daily is the key to success

  • A challenge to YOU to start your own daily practice

  • Olive oil and trolls


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Website - beccaholopter.com

Classes at MakersMess.com


PS~ Rebecca originally joined us last year with her Team RAD writing, acting and producing partners Verity and Darby! You can check out their episode, HERE

PPS- An excellent read in case you ever have any issues with confidence - The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self Assurance---What Women Should Know