I Came Here for the Savasana with Natalie Teichmann

Parapente- That's what it's called in Spanish!.jpg

Natalie dominating Parapente. Crushing it in Savasana allows you be fully present in rad experiences like this!

No joke! It IS the most important pose in yoga...if you stick around for it ;) Ever feel like you're too busy to slow down and take rest? That's a sure sign you need it the most. In this episode we're joined by yogi, sound healer, and former Savasana skipper, Natalie Teichmann. We discuss why quality rest is imperative to living a fabulous life, how the subtle and meditative aspects of yoga are even more than important than nailing a dope pose, and some dreamy shortcuts that will launch you into a meditative state faster than you would think.

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  • The magical Savasana that changed the game for Natalie

  • Other ways to incorporate deep mediation into your life

  • The secret sauce to needing less sleep

  • The effects of sound healing

  • How the subtle and meditative aspects of yoga lead to better relationships

  • Why it's important to clean up your ear diet

  • Natalie's worst haircut ever

  • Yoga poetry!


Human Tuning: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks by John Beaulieu



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