Introducing Quilt with Ashley Sumner

What does a #WOMANMADE world look like? Tune into this episode to find out!  We're joined by community development specialist and co-founder of Quilt, Ashley Sumner. Quilt: an online platform that empowers female entrepreneurs to open their homes to other women for co-working and events.  This is a new approach to co-working where community is the priority and women can support one another financially, professionally and personally. Quilt will be changing the way women come together to support, collaborate and collectively kick ass in businesses and life. Collaboration over competition ladies! Come be part of the revolution.


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  • All the fab details of Quilt's launch week celebration

  • Enabling women to step into leadership roles

  • The Largest Goddess Octopus in All of the Lands

  • How Quilt is different than other co-working spaces and female-centric communities

  • Building community through female connections

  • Creating safe spaces to spark creativity, focus and collaboration

  • Quilt's plan for the future and international expansion

  • How YOU can get involved

Ashley Recommends -

Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer

Connect with Ashley and Quilt -

On instagram @wequilt and @ashleyjsumner