Whole Body Awareness and the Art of Social Media with Justine Malick

We hear about the mind body connection a lot but what does it really mean? And what about body body connection? (Release your quads, release your jaw, yes this is a real thing!) Justine Malick returns in this episode to drop tons of wisdom on how we can tap into the energy systems of our bodies to go deeper into a yoga practice and unblock stuck energy. Oh, and if yoga's not your jam, no stress! Still tune in. As long as you move at all you can benefit. As if all of this wasn't fabulous enough we wrap things up with a fab discussion on how to but your best foot (selfie?!) forward on social media.

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  • Meridian 101

  • Movement as healing

  • Why none of this is real until it's real to you

  • How to slow down to speed up

  • Becoming more in tune with our bodies (yes it IS possible to feel your spleen! ;) )

  • How not to be "that" person on social media

  • The power of intention on and off the mat

  • Having an awesome life by staying sassy


Her future series on Lady Balls Daily (how trippy is that?! :) ) Connecting to the Power of Your Core

Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words by David Whyte

Radical Healing: Integrating the World's Greatest Therapeutic Traditions to Create a New Transformative Medicine by Rudolph Ballentine

The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body by Bob Cooley

Gypsy: A World of Colours and Interiors by Sibella Court

YogaGlo for an at home practice (Tara Judelle is who Justine mentioned in the show!)



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