More Modern Mystic with Helen Schmidt

She's BACK! And as mystical as ever :) Lady Balls Radio's very own in house (in podcast??) mystic is back to revisit the spread she did for us back in January and to do a whole new tarot reading for the next quarter of 2017. The first 3 months of this year we're ALL about letting our voices be heard about the things that matter, the next 3 are going to involve a lot of....well you're just going to have to take a listen to find out ;) We'll also be discussing wellness in the realm of mysticism and why what you do BEFORE a reading is just as important as the read it itself. PLUS the ballsiest thing Helen's ever done, it's a gooooood one!

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  • How to physically prepare for a reading

  • Why healers SHOULD be getting paid for their gifts

  • Why it's not a good idea to have those shrooms before you have your cards read

  • A look at how the reading from January played out in real life

  • A look ahead to what we need to be in tune with to make the most of Q2 2017

  • Shout out to the rise in community involvement and conscious consumerism

  • Helen's signature dance move

Q2 2017 Tarot Spread

Some familiar cards from last time and new twists. There's still focus on action but it's also time to reflect and learn. The perfect time for all of us to be students, to do our best to look at things from a different perspective. Oh, and at may FEEL like some wheel spinning is happening, DON'T buy into it. Our efforts matter and are planting seeds fo sho.

PS- If you missed the reading for January you can catch it HERE  at about the 42 minute mark

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