Go Bold or Go Home with Goals Coach Michelle McCormick

What if you could go after those big, scary, frickity frickin awesome goals that you've always wanted to achieve with LASER focus and without burnout? Our guest today is going to pass on tips on how to do just that! Michelle McCormick, the life, career, and goals coach joins us in this episode to drop wisdom on how to get in the zone, stay in the zone and get mega amounts done without mega doses of stress.

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  • Small daily actions to accomplish big goals

  • Eliminating time sucks

  • Shushing up your inner mean girl

  • How to avoid overwhelm before you even get started

  • Why SMART goals might not be so smart for everyone

  • Listening to your gut so you can move from a place of alignment

  • How Lady Balls got started even when Coni felt clueless :)

  • How to find the best life/career/goals coach for you

  • Random catchy phrases that we think are brilliant


Eliminate your biggest time sucks with Rescue Time

Ignore facebook distractions with Newsfeed Eradicator

Time your productivity with Be Focused

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (some mindless beach reading so you can re-focus ;) )



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