Getting High on Heart with Jessie May Wolfe

How do we keep our hearts radiant and open when the tides are tense? Heartrise Movement's creator Jessie May Wolfe joins us in this episode to guide our path! We also talk about what makes Heartrise unique, the science behind the electromagnetic energy of our heart, how we can use emotions stirred up in tough times to crack open our intuition/flow state and why jalapenos rock as a spirit vegetable. Tune in and get inspired by this ancient soul with a young spirit.

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  • Deeply listening to the knowing within (aka INTUITION baby!!)

  • Plugging into the electromagnetic force field of your heart (real science peeps!)

  • The power of sound vibrations on energy

  • Keeping your gorgeous and vibrant heart open in not so gorgeous times

  • 4 steps to metabolize funky/icky/stressy emotions into positive action

  • Why we listen best without our ears

  • Secret sauce to the BEST HUG EVAHHHHH! Really.


The Heartrise Movement at

Jessie May dot com at

Instagram @jessiemaywolfe

Or check out her CALENDAR for upcoming events


Heartmath Institute - To connect with intuitive insight and heart intelligence

* The Essential Rumi - If you have never read Rumi you need to read Rumi. Nuff said.

* Resilience From the Heart: The Power to Thrive in Life's Extremes by Gregg Braden


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