Discovery is the Dream with Aliki Weakland

Ready to get out of your own way? Help is here! Today we're joined by strategist, writer, and a leadership coach, Aliki Weakland. She believes there is opportunity in every idea, every challenge and every encounter and drops some truth bombs about the myth of work life balance and why connecting with our intuition is key to living our most awesome life. Are you a smooth glass surface or velcro? What the hell does that mean and why does it matter? Listen in and find out!

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  • Why trying to live up to standards other than your own is no bueno

  • Letting go to get in the flow

  • Why attempting at a perfect work/life balance causes stress

  • How your life is like a pie and ways to avoid any nasty pieces

  • The importance of fluidity with our dreams and priorities

  • Not getting entangled in other peoples drama

  • Your intuition is crazy smart! Listen


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