Intuitive Eating and Foodstories with Dana Rizer

Grcoeryships Grads!

Grcoeryships Grads!

Dana Rizer is a lifelong food enthusiast, a yoga instructor with over 1000 hours of training under her belt, and the Executive Director of Groceryships, a non-profit organization that promotes health and wellness in under-served communities through the power of healthy foods and human connection.

She has a passion for bringing people together through practices that nourish the mind, body and heart. Food does not have to be stressy people! Listen in and find out how intuitive eating can nourish your whole self and why unpacking our unique foodstory is so important. As Executive Director of Groceryships and founder of I Am Nourished she is helping people create happier, healthier new beginnings with food. You get a taste of that in this episode. You're welcome :)

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  • Tapping into your inner Foodie Whisperer

  • Growing up in a foodie family in Napa Valley

  • Where yoga and food intersect

  • Everyone has a Foodstory, how to use yours as self discovery

  • Why the idea of a one size fits all perfect magical diet is just not true

  • Why the language we use around food is ridic important

  • Using your body as a guide to feed yourself optimally

  • Big love to PIZZA :)

  • Why you're not stuck with the foodstory you grew up with

  • How Groceryships is empowering people to make better food choices AND gain mad confidence





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