Episode 009 It's Possible Project with Marissa Hutter

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Schools do everything they can to make sure kids academic needs are met but what about the BIG picture? What about the social and emotional piece that will get teens ready for the REAL world? It’s Possible Project, a teen-centric holistic approach to health, wellness, relationships and learning was created to do just that. Listen in to hear from it's co-founder Marissa Hutter as we discuss developing the inner leader, how to discover our dreams by getting to know ourselves, why food is SO frickin important and Tree Cookie 101. (SPOILER ALERT - not just teens can benefit from the gems dropped in today's show)


- Why those seemingly random decisions are not random at all

- How to set up an environment to help teens succeed in life

- Tapping into unlimited potential

- The future of It's Possible Project

- Why bears are awesome and other nuggets


A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

Medical Medium by Anthony William

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult


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