Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Ask Miyoko

What do pole fitness, chair dancing and acro yoga have in common? They're all sexy ass ways to get fit, right?! Totally! Just as importantly though they also play a huge role in our spiritual and emotional health. Really?! Yes really. In today's episode Miyoko shares how we can use these activities to build our self confidence, strengthen our relationships, tap into our infinite feminine power AND be sexy as hell.

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TONS of gems in this episode, including:

- Connecting with your feminine power.

- Whiskey bathtub date nights :)

- Applying the dynamics of a strip club in our regulars lives leads to be more empowered.

- How acro and pole help us be more present in the rest of our lives.

- Why touch is ESSENTIAL to health.

- Using pole fitness and acro as a way to strengthen our communication skills so we can more effectively ASK for what we want.

Resources and where to stay in touch with Miyoko

On social media @askmiyoko

Domestic Goddess Studio at http://www.practicalstriptease.com/

Inverted Play at http://www.invertedplay.com/

More on Acro Yoga at http://www.acroyoga.org/


Coni Constantine