Lipstick It To the Man with The Lipstick Lobby Founder - Davida Hall

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What do you do when you have the most incredible idea for a company that supports all women, are fired up beyond belief about it and don't have a solid clue about how you're going to make it happen? Get started and ask for help of course! Today's guest, Davida Hall, founder and creator of The Lipstick Lobby did just that and she's here to share how she brought a group of ridiculously talented women together to create a powerful social justice brand that also makes some of the boldest, badass lipstick shades in the industry. We discuss; TLLs mission to empower women to fight for the issues most critical to our lives with every lip touch up, the power of the group coming together over a cause, why collecting "no thanks" is the key to success and why it's OK to sometimes break the rules when they don't serve your higher purpose


  • The moment Davida knew she needed to create TLL

  • How starting with limited resources but TONS of determination is a recipe for success

  • The causes behind the gorgeous and bold shades

  • How activism can be as simple as putting on your make up

  • The importance of being willing to be flexible in business and life

  • Learning how not to be afraid of hearing no

  • Little Davida’s early political ambitions as a reminder to just put yourself out there!

  • A sneak peek at upcoming TLL specials (Treat yourself AND cross some stocking stuffers off your list)


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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J K Rowling

Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger by Rebecca Traister

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