Post Midterm Debrief and Celebration

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Can we get a HELL YES for how game changing the results of this election were?! Join Nicole and Coni as they discuss the importance of electing more women, people of color and LGBTQ+ persons to every level of government so that it better reflects our communities, historic levels of women going to congress, why we need to keep our foot on the gas to make our voices heard on the issues that matter most, (um HELLO gun control people!) and a little fan girling on Canada. Let's ride this wave of momentum bitches! We're just getting started. Pop some bubbly with us and celebrate the incredible things that happen when people come together.



  • Ted Cruz and flaccid in the same sentence, you’ve been warned :)

  • Our thoughts on Tuesdays results and looking toward the future

  • Hope is not lost in America (Go USA!!)

  • Obama get’s tacos in Miami and people lose their shit

  • How you can make your voice heard on gun control right now

  • Michelle Obama’s book is (almost) out - yay!!

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