It's Our Time: Gearing Up for California's Midterms with Tim Molina

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Remember the days when activists in CA were phone banking and knocking on doors to help progressives in other states flip districts blue? Well these midterms are a whole other ball game! Today we're joined by Tim Molina, Political Director for Courage Campaign. We discuss moving forward in a post Kavanaugh confirmed world, why a blue wave in California is pivotal in this years election. a peak at some of the key races and, most importantly, what YOU can do to help get us over the finish line. And maybe a little bit about the Goonies and why kitty cats rule.



  • A post Kavanaugh confirmation de-brief

  • Why it does not sigmal the end of decency… IF we stay involved and active

  • Why CA matters more than ever in this election

  • The huge opportunity we have right now

  • Ditching the myth that phone banking is scary or stressy

  • Action steps you can take TODAY to make a difference

  • A sneak peak into Nicole and Coni’s upcoming phone banking soiree (wine included people!)


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