Introducing Rally Cry: This Ain't Yo Mama's Activism


Welcome to the FIRST in a special series for Lady Balls Radio - Not Yo Mama's Activism. If there was ever a time to make our voices heard this is it so we’ve teamed up with Sameside, an organization putting the PARTY back in politics by offering people the opportunity to create and participate in meaningful activism experiences. Leading up to the mid terms and beyond our goal is to help educate on the issues that matter most and show you simple and fun ways you can make a difference. Tune in to hear Sameside co-founder Nicole aBeckett and Coni discuss what to expect in future episodes why it's our duty to help Brett Kavanaugh lighten up his schedule.


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  • Why we're so fired up

  • What is Rally Cry LA and how you can get involved, near and far

  • The biggest issues at stake in the midterms

  • Why EVERY voice makes a difference

  • How to make phone banking FUN (no, that is not an oxymoron ladies!)

  • What to expect from future episodes

  • Our patriotic duty to give Brett K a vacay

  • How you can save 20% on all Sameside events (HINT - there's a limited number of discounts available for each one by using the code LADYBALLS)