Good News - Bad News Weekly Recap: Kanye, Taytay and Hojicha Cocktails

It’s been a wild ride boys and girls - we survived the 1st week of Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, Kanye had a Not Sure What To Even Call It in the oval office and more celebrities are speaking up loud and proud on political issues. In the middle of all this it would be easy to miss the fact that 1500 immigrant children were moved in the middle of the night into tents because they can’t legally stay in shelters. What the actual fuck ‘Merica?! We didn’t miss it though and we’re offering suggestions on how you can make a difference.



  • The low down on (hehehe)

  • How to annoy Nicole by saying boofing…a lot (also hehehe)

  • Our take on the Kanye episode

  • How you can let your representatives know that what is happening with immigrant children is NOT OK (spoiler alert - Text ACT to 52886 - or if you’re feeling generous with the green donate at )

  • Bitches Getting Shit DONE - Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga

  • Beto bringing up the level with campaign contributions

  • The introduction of our grassroots campaign to rid the world of PSLs

  • The most incredible Hojicha Dark and Stormtea recipe you’ve ever had (Pssssst use code LADYBALLS to get 10% off these amazing teas! )

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