Get That Money Honey! Setting Equal Pay Policy with Jennifer Carty and Charlotte Sweeney


Jennifer Carty and Charlotte Sweeney are members of the Colorado Women's Bar Association. The CWBA is the largest specialty bar association in Colorado and is one of the biggest and most influential women’s bar associations in the country. Their mission is to promote women in the legal profession and the interests of women generally. In 2019, the CWBA has prioritized equal pay as a key policy initiative and worked to introduce the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, generation defining legislation that will prevent pay disparities on the basis of sex, empowering us to GET OUR MONEY HONEYSSSSSSSS! Tune in to get inspired by their passion for leveling the playing field and find out how you can make a difference to get legislation passed.



  • How Charlotte and Jennifer came to work on drafting Equal pay legislation

  • Why it’s so frickin important (I mean it’s covered on the national level, right??)

  • How citizens can help get it (or anything else they really care about) passed

  • The upcoming Raise a Glass for Pay Equity event on Feb. 28th

  • A very special HOT TUB edition of Who’d You Rather?


Equal Pay by the Numbers:

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