Dance Dance Party Party LA for Equal Pay with Cara Rosenbaum

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Cara Rosenbaum is one of the den mothers and organizers of Dance Dance Party Party LA, an all-women freestyle dance party happening every Sunday afternoon with only three rules: No lights, No boys, No judgment. Women of all ages enter a dark room with a bunch of strangers, dance their asses off to a playlist compiled by our DJ of the week, and leave refreshed as friends. It's like reliving that late-night dance party from a sleep over you had when you were 10



How DDPLA got started

Secret intel on how to get your own DJ name

The fucking amazing feeling of leaving it all on the dance floor

Small actions leading to big change

All the deets on the very special dance party on Feb. 24th in L.A.

Not in LA? Get plugged into the party on instagram

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