#Kava-Nah: That's a No From Us Brett


Ketchup on pasta?! No, just no. Obvi that's not the only reason we can't let Brett Kavanaugh's nomination end in him being actually on the Supreme Court. Like for life. Not on our watch! We’re joined again today by Sameside co-founder Nicole aBeckett as well as Callie Spaide SameSide team member, Silver Lake resident, and an IRC Los Angeles GenR board member. We discuss why this is such a big flippin deal, how there's still time to stop it from being a done deal, how Brett K has shown his true character, and delicious alternatives to (ewwwwwww!) ketchup on pasta.

This episode is part of a special series, Lady Balls Presents: Not Yo Mama's Activism. If there was ever a time to make our voices heard this is it so we’ve teamed up with Sameside, an organization putting the PARTY back in politics by offering people the opportunity to create and participate in meaningful activism experiences. Leading up to the mid terms and beyond our goal is to help educate on the issues that matter most and show you easy peasy and fun ways you can make a difference.




  • Why this is so dang important

  • Pasty, pale, or fair?

  • The handshake that wasn't and how it's character revelation

  • How you can Just Say No to Brett's nominationSusan Collins Crowdpac campaign

  • Nicole, Coni, and Callie gettin just a little bit judgey

  • Not mentioned but recommended reading to help you navigate this current shitstorm with some belly laugh, Feminasty

  • A wickedly delicious alternative to Ketchup on pasta - Marcella Hazan's Bolognese Sauce