Good News - Bad News: Our Girl Kamala, Dems Taking Massive Action, and Douchelords

Ring, ring ring! No Yo Mama’s    Phonebanking

Ring, ring ring! No Yo Mama’s Phonebanking

O to the M to the Geeeeeeeeeeee!! It’s been another fast and furious week with crap news. Pipe bombs (even to Robert DeNiro - come on man!), the US graciously agreeing not to shoot at the migrant caravan, transgender rights at risk, and worrying data about absentee ballots in California. Thankfully there is a beacon of hope in the midst of it all with Kamala Harris getting a rockstar welcome in Iowa and excellent projections in the polls for many key races across the country (go get it Stacey Abrams!!!) LOTS for us to be excited about but also LOTS of work still to be done. Tune in, get fired up and let Nicole and Coni inspire you to up your activism game as we head into the home stretch of the mid terms. And to put down the Stoli :)



  • Promising signs in Iowa for Kamala and other dems bringing up the level

  • Tons of reasons to be optimistic BUT let’s not underestimate how ignited the right is (um remember another big election we assumed was a done deal?)

  • Comic relief brought to us Ted Cruz in his valiant facebook live attempt

  • Keeping it real, us Libs can talk a ton of smack but will we back it up with ACTION?

  • If your answer to the above was HELL YES WE WILL then here are a couple resources: host a virtual phonebank with you and your besties or attend a live event in L.A. or Denver

  • Vanilla Stoli, just don’t

  • A sneek peak at what super gross thing we may just have to talk about next week

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