HomeCooked with Hailley Field


Have you ever stared into your fridge having no clue what to make for dinner? Stop stressing! Our guest today is an expert at making amazing meals with what's on hand. Hailley Field has circled the globe cooking in both restaurants and diverse family kitchens. These adventures led her to create HomeCooked, where she brings together a unique variety of ingredients to make healthy, craveable food at home and bring joy back to the dinner table. We discuss; her best tips on how you can make your own memorable meals, why it's important to have a good sense of humor in the kitchen, the magic of condiment diversity and her favorite complement to poached eggs. Scared of the kitchen?! Tune in and let Hailley turn down the freak out factor on that!

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  • A glimpse into Hailley’s travels and what led her to create HomeCooked

  • Easy tips to make the most amazing meals out of what you have on hand

  • Her famous Poached Eggs and Cornflakes recipe

  • Her past life as a Quiz Princess

  • Overcoming a disaster in the kitchen while maintaining her mother’s love

  • Dinner with Julia Child and Jacques Pepin

  • Getting bold with condiments and flavors (The Flavor Bible is an EXCELLENT resource for inspo)

  • What’s in store for HomeCooked (hint, hint National TV debut!)



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