A Conversation with Disco Dining Club's Courtney Nichols


Our launch party continues with Disco Dining Club's oh so fabulous founder, Courtney Nichols! We discuss the metamorphosis of DDC as it approaches it's 4th birthday, find out some of the inspiration driving her creative genius and get the low down on several of Courtney's most memorable culinary experiences. BONUS! Dying to know what her tramp stamp is? Tune in and find out.

Described by Bravo TV as "Chez Panisse meets Studio 54," Courtney Nichols' life goal is to bring sloppy dinner parties to the masses. At the core of her mission is Disco Dining Club - a thematic food and drink event that revels in all the excess, debauchery, and hedonism of disco. It is the belief of Disco Dining Club that there were moments of decadence throughout history that led to the ultimate decadence: Disco. Whether a historical era, an artistic movement, or an iconic piece of culture, Disco Dining Club recreates these colorful moments through the lens of a theatrical dinner party. At Disco Dining Club, only one thing is required of guests: to consume everything. You can find profiles of Courtney's eccentric feasts in Playboy, LA Times, Vogue, Food and Wine, Oxygen, and a slew of other esteemed outlets.

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  • The metamorphosis of DDC over the years

  • Consuming all culture, high brow and low brow

  • Courtney’s ultimate renegade dinner party fantasy

  • A breakfast that changed her life

  • Things to consider when booking a Dining in the Dark experience with your mom

  • One of the most fabulous tramp stamps ever

  • Listening to your body when it comes to cravings

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