Queen of the Resting Windy Face

Queen of the Resting Windy Face


And now for a few words about our founder…

Coni Constantine Fun Facts:

Developed boob(s) in 3rd grade. But only one and not joking. (It’s BFF showed up a few months later so no worries!)

Favorite food sources are avocados, almost anything made from coconut, potatoes, super spicy peppers, asparagus, and PEANUT BUTTER. And wine.

Cut offs and tank tops are her favorite outfit EVER. Not having to make fashion decisions too often frees up a mind for creative genius.

Swears…a lot. It is what it fucking is :)

Moved over 20 times by the time she graduated high school

Once made a cross country road trip with 18 cats.

Loves cats!

Laughs her ass off every chance she gets

Married to this guy Keith for 2 decades and counting

Combs her hair most days

Has a yoga certification (because Los Angeles) and a degree in anthropology (because peoples)

First foot race was the Miami Marathon

Hates distance running

Is beyond FLIPPIN excited for everything Lady Balls past, present and future