No Longer Want to Artichoke Them Kimchi

Another sneak peak from Kim Mahair's upcoming The Breakup Cookbook! The gem below is from the Heal section. You're starting to move on and only want to choke them a little bit :)  If you missed Kim's full interview you can catch it HERE

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.53.18 AM.png


5 Artichoke Hearts, sliced in half longways

1 Cucumber

3 Teaspoons Raw Sugar

1 Head of Red Cabbage

6 Cloves Garlic, finely minced

½ Tablespoon Ground Ginger

½ Tablespoon Szechuan Pepper, ground

1 Tablespoon Kelp Powder

1/2 Cup Sea Salt

Filtered Water

Shred cabbage and remove the core. In a bowl, massage the shredded cabbage with sea salt until it starts to soften like the violent thoughts towards your ex. Add about 2 cups of water so that cabbage is completely submerged and place a plate on top to weigh it down. Set aside for 2 hours.

Using a pestle and mortar, create a paste with the kelp powder, sugar, Szechuan pepper, garlic, and ginger with 3 tablespoons filtered water. When cabbage is done soaking rinse thoroughly in a colander. Save the brine it was soaking in. Squeeze out excess moisture and mix cabbage with the paste adding in cucumber and artichokes. Pack veggies and cabbage in mini glass jars or one large jar, covering with brine. Make sure the brine hits the lid and there is no space for air. Let sit at room temperature for for 1-5 days. Check on it once a day and push down on veggies with a clean spoon to make sure it is still submerged.