Future Self Meditation

Megan M Sit 1.JPG

Courtesy of Megan Monahan , meditations to help you invite in clarity for 2019 and beyond Tune in HERE

How do you need to show up for the life you want to create? Take 30 minutes to listen to the your inner self and find out.

Happy New Year!

PS~ Did you know that Megan is an OG Lady Baller?! Well if you didn’t know you do :) You can catch her interview HERE

After immersing herself in the teachings of meditation, yoga and ayurveda, Megan felt an unbridled passion to begin sharing these teachings in a “real way”. She is passionate about taking the esoteric nature of meditation and translating it to people in a way that empowers them to see how the benefits of a meditation practice will show up in their day to day life. Megan brings to her clients the individual, practical, and realistic tools, techniques, and motivation needed to transform their lives.