Telling Your Inner Mean Girl to Zip It

“Are you sure you can pull of the crop top look?”

“Are you sure you can pull of the crop top look?”

Let’s be honest babes! Some of the most cutting, self doubting, negative comments directed at us come from between our own ears. It’s time to flip the script on that! Even those of us who choose to live in a rainbow-kitten-unicorn filled world with cotton candy clouds hear that voice pop up from time to time.

One trick I’ve come up with it shush negative self chatter is to name that bitch and tell her to shush.

Mine’s name is Judy. (If your mom, grandma, bff, girl crush, favorite aunt, new puppy or your own name is Judy - my apologies! No offense intended at all, I had to name her something)

When she pops in with unsolicited advice and opinions I lovingly but firmly tell her to zip it.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!



mindsetConi Constantine