August 2017 Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

A giant soul sister THANK YOU to Helen Schmidt for this post xoxo. It's time to own our shit ladies and to let go of what is no longer serving us! Want more modern mystic goodness from Helen? Connect with her at

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius at 15° on August 7th at 11:20am PT

The gates have opened. The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse today is the first of two Eclipses that we will get to work with this month. Eclipses are extremely powerful gates that open up to pivotal life changes. They always come in pairs. Today will mark an impactful ending, culmination, reflection, closure, and/or release brought in through group activities, new friends, humanitarian efforts, or science. A clean slate as we prepare for our new chapter (August 21st New Moon Solar Eclipse).


When have endings ever been easy? More than likely, today was lead by a handful of shedding and purging. Old wounds resurfacing since the New Moon on July 23rd. Re-experiencing these memories is undeniably uncomfortable, but consider them the last time you’ll feel them again.

Jupiter trines this Moon. Jupiter has squared Pluto on again and off again since Nov 24, 2016, creating an uncomfortable power struggle. The last of this tango carried out on Aug 4th, 2017. The trine certainly pipelined this power struggle into the Moon today. Big visions clash with totalitarian efforts to “make it happen”. You need a team to carry out your big vision, so naturally, driving them away through control and dictatorship is counterproductive for not just for you, but for everyone else around you. This brings up issues around control, whether you are driving the person away or being driven away. It takes both sides to engage in any power struggle, you are at fault no matter what side you are on. Take responsibility. Choosing to love or to be angry can be a challenging conversation with our egos. Remember these actions energetically impact the world. How will you decide to impact us?


To make things more interesting, Mercury Rx shadow period (Aug 1st - 11th) dances around us this week. I mean… it’s not like we have a lot going on as it is. Mercury travels back on Aug 12th. Being powered up by the Eclipses, I would be surprised if you haven’t run into classic Mercury Rx themes already like closure from the past, settlements owed, old friends, technology hiccups, miscommunications, and travel delays. Despite its reputation, I wouldn’t worry about delays on new opportunities or even questioning new opportunities since these are more than likely Eclipse offerings. Astrology isn’t always so black and white, so it’s important to look at the full system rather than just part of the system. Not everything from Mercury Rx will fizzle. Sometimes it brings in the thing that you needed. After all, it is a time to catch things we may have missed.